Specific care

Healing medium for souls

Specialised in accompaniment:

– Twin Flames/Fusion Souls

– Children and adults with high potential

– Healing of sexual abuse

Implant Removal

I’m sorry to tell you that I find myself obliged to suspend the Implant Removal for a while.

I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter in order to be kept informed of the date when I will resume these treatments.

My other sessions are still available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Normal rate: 85,00€

Emergency rate: 105,00€



An implant is a form of unconscious programming embedded in our different energetic bodies and it’s intended to diminish our own power over our life and our spiritual evolution.

Our way of thinking are conditioned by our culture, our education, our family heirlooms and our karmic memories from our past lives. This has an impact on our reactions and actions to our surroundings. Our expression of ourselves is then limited and hindered by these shackles and we constantly relive the same patterns of suffering without succeeding in escaping this vicious circle. We keep repeating the same unhappy experiences over and over again.

We can also be manipulated by entities or forces contrary to our evolution towards the path of Love and Light. These forms of consciousness can even succeed in taking control and consequently our lives then seem to completely escape us. We suffer the twists of fate.



I will identify these implants and I will transmute them while simultaneously repairing the holes and scars that they may have left in their path. This implant removal treatment is currently offered at a distance.



Shortly after you receive this treatment you should be able to experience the following benefits:

  • Feeling more connected to higher self
  • Being able to calm thoughts more easily and meditate more deeply
  • Being able to leave the body more easily and/or go to higher realms of existence
  • Feeling more centered and present in the body
  • Making decisions more easily
  • Feeling more able to stand in your power and being true to self
  • Feeling more energized and that energy flows more easily through the body
  • Feeling motivated and able to make changes and move forwards in life
  • Elevated mood
  • Increased feelings of love and compassion

You will have a new awareness of your surroundings and you will realize that some people will move away from you while making room for others to arrive in your life.

You will emanate a new energy which will attract more positive situations and people to you. 

Normal rate: 85,00€

Emergency rate: 105,00€

Warning !

Energetic healing cares don’t replace in any case those prescribed by your doctor: it is imperative to continue your medical treatment if you are taking one jointly.

Sending energy is only a supplement intended to relieve you, help you and accompany you.

All care in the office is done dressed and children must be accompanied by their parents during the session.